Lee Marvin Beach

Shack on Lee Marvin Beach, Palau
Lee Marvin won an Academy Award for Best Actor for playing drunken gunfighter Kid Shelleen (and his evil noseless brother) in Cat Ballou. If I'm being generous about Lee Marvin Beach I would say that it's where Kid Shelleen might live. If I'm not being generous I would say stay there if you want to sleep in a crack house.

I was supposed to spend two nights there. I spent none. I tried to make a run for it back to town but weather and low tide kept me in place. I think the beach where I overnighted, a short way from LMB, is called Ancient Village Beach.

The beach and views from LMB are very nice. There should be good snorkeling when the tide is right, I saw some little reef sharks. One could clean up the litter but I kept on thinking what kind of people come here who leave this kind of trash and graffiti. (And I am deeply embaressed that some of them, as indicated by the graffiti, are American service men and women.) I could have overnighted there but I felt that it would have been stupid and dangerous. I wonder what they do when the expensive kayaking tours stop here, do they have a "set dresser" stop by the day before and clean it. I also am curious why the beaches nearest to Koror are not maintained. The Rangers do an outstanding job with the outer Rock Island beaches (never ran out of toilet paper!). Here also, both at LMB and AV the toilets were Port-A-Potties (that needed cleaning) not the regular toilets.

I do however suggest these beaches as stops for day trips if you are staying in Koror. Just be aware of the tides as it gets very low at low tide.

I'll start with the worst of Lee Marvin Beach and post the good side pictures on the next page.

Interior Lee Marvin Beach Shack, Palau
Lee Marvin Beach Trash, Palau
Lee Marvin Beach Graffiti, Palau
Lee Marvin Beach Crumbling Shack, Palau