Koror Jellyfish Lake Permit
Camping on the Rock Islands is free. However, all tourists need a permit for any activities in the Rock Islands (taking a tour, diving, kayaking, snorkeling. A separate permit is required for fishing).

The permit is valid for 10 days, it costs $35 with permission to visit Jellyfish Lake and $25 without Jellyfish Lake. It is valid from the day that you purchase it (or if you purchase it after 4pm from the Rangers office it is good beginning the following day).

The expiration date of your permit is punched on it. If you are going to be using it for the whole 10 day span check that your permit has the correct expiration date. Ask the tour operator that you rent your kayak from if you can buy a permit from them, otherwise you can purchase it from the Ranger's office in Malakal or downtown in the Treasuries office at the main Koror State Building. The Rangers office is open on weekdays 8am-5pm and weekends from 8am-12noon. Their number is 488-2150.

Koror Jellyfish Lake Permit

Be aware that if you purchase the $25 permit you cannot upgrade to the Jellyfish Lake permit by paying an additional $10 if you decide to go to Jellyfish Lake. You will have to purchase a new permit. There are rangers stationed outside of Jellyfish Lake who check your permits before you are allowed to enter. As an FYI a separate permit is required for diving in Peleliu as well as one for touring there.

The (outer) Rock Islands are like a big park. On the islands that are open for tourist use there are one or more substantial shelters with cooking areas. Water is NOT available on most islands. There are also well maintained rest rooms (with toilet paper!). There are rangers who make regular patrols. This does not apply to the areas closer to Koror (Nikko Bay). But you still need a permit for the nearby areas.