Ulong Island

Ulong Island, Palau Sign
Ulong is absolutely stunning. Crystal clear water with a long beautiful beach set against a back-drop of steep jungley mountains. At night you can see a million stars.
There is interesting exploring through the inner Ulong channels.
Neco Marine uses Ulong as their lunch spot. Their group is small.
There are rats on the island. If you are afraid of them then definitely it is not the place for you.
At night I heard a lot of coconuts crashing down on the shelter roof so take care as to where you sleep. (Best under the protection of the shelter.) You might see the lights of a live aboard dive boat off in the distance.

Ulong Beach, Palau
Ulong Beach, Palau Southern View
Ulong, Palau Jungle
Ulong, Palau Shelter
Interior Ulong, Palau Shelter
Ulong, Palau Sunset