Camping Gear

Camping Tent on Rock Island, Palau
There is a wide array of camping gear and camping stove fuel available for purchase in Koror. Check out the second floor of the Surangel department store downtown.
I rented the single person Camping Kit from Planet Blue kayaks. The equipment was in good repair except that they neglected to pack several items (and the dishwashing sponge was used.) INSIST that they do an equipment check out with you. Do not let them rush you out, do not accept doing a check-out on your starting island. It took them two days to get maps out to me. The day after my trip began they bought out my missing tiki torches (I was hoping for the tall Survivor "your torch is snuffed" ones) and shower (never used it). When I inquired about the maps the guys who bought out the torches said they knew nothing about the maps. I was almost in tears thinking that I would have to make the best of it without maps, from memory and wishing that I had bought the tourist maps that I had back at my hotel.

The kit includes:
  • Rei 2 man tent (tent pictured above is my personal tent on Ngemelis island which I did not kayak to/from) - I only used the tent the first night, the other nights I slept under the shelters available on the islands on a bench or on the sand floors. On Ulong especially it was the safest option. Coconuts kept falling on the roofs of the shelter - BAM! - BAM! - BAM! and I was glad that I had a roof between them and me
  • Thermarest mattress
  • Small pillow
  • Top and bottom sheets
  • Tiki torches (as the fuel is oily make sure that the trash bag it comes in is not all torn or provide your own)
Tiki torches

  • Camping stove and fuel canisters - I tried to make a fire and failed miserably. Last year in Tonga I was able to build a huge bonfire, here everything was just too damp.
Camping stove

  • Several cooking pots, a kettle, plastic bowls & a cup, carving knife, fork and a large spoon (you may want to take a teaspoon along yourself), cutting board.
  • Dishwashing liquid and sponge.
  • They also include a roll of toilet paper (and all the toilets outside of the Nikko Bay area had ample toilet paper), matches.
Camping kit

  • Solar shower
  • Cooler - this is advertised as included but they neglected to pack one for me, certainly handy for keeping food away from rats
  • Anchors - again this is advertised as included (with kayak rental) but they neglected to pack one for me. When I inquired about this on Ulong I was given a rope which I did use once to tie the kayak to a tree.
  • Maps - (included with kayak rental) wonderful, detailed maps with snorkeling spots, beaches and currents indicated. Make sure you have them in your hands before you leave.
  • Dry bags and boxes - (included with kayak rental)
I would suggest taking in addition:
  • Trash bags - all trash has to be taken out with you. You can ask boats that you encounter to take a bag with them to Koror. Still you will need a place to store your trash. I also filled my empty water bottles with trash that I could fit through the tops. At night if you store your trash in a bag you will need to hang it up so that nothing can get into it.
  • Mosquito coils
  • Extra matches
  • Hand sanitizer
  • First aid kit
  • A strong flashlight that you can read by. It gets dark very early.
  • Gloves! Do they make kayaking gloves? I got blisters from clutching the paddles.
I also took a snorkeling vest that I wore when I kayaked. It says on the vest that it is not to be used as a flotation device but I figured that something is better than nothing.